Learn About The Features Of Diesel Concrete Pump

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Here are the most important features of diesel concrete pump: 

Intelligent electrical control system 

Top quality pumps contain an intelligent electric control system and it adjusts the rotating speed of the diesel engine with utmost precision. Great amount of stability can be associated with these types of pumps and they also save oil consumption in the best possible manner. 

S Valve structure 

When it comes to evaluating the features of diesel concrete pump, advanced S valve structure is an important one. The floating sealing compensates the wearing clearance in an automatic manner and the sealing effect is extremely good with advanced pump.

Long service life 

In order to ensure maximum durability, glass plating and cutting ring is made of high hardness water-resistant alloy and this diesel concrete pump feature always ensures long life span. 

High outlet pressure 

Whenever you analyze the features of diesel concrete pump, you should check whether the outlet pressure is very high because high pressure ensures that the pump meets the delivery request of high buildings and long distance construction. 

Advanced air cooling system 

Another major feature of a diesel concrete pump is the advanced air cooling system and it can be said without an iota of doubt that hydraulic oil cooling promotes easy operation. In such a situation, you do not need to worry about water supply.  Read more.

Other major features of diesel concrete pum

Other leading diesel oil pump features include anti-pumping function, PLC control system and electrical cabinet equipped with wired remote control handle and, all these features make the process of using a diesel concrete pump extremely hassle free and result oriented as well. 

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