How To Do A Qualified Concrete Pump Operator

- Jun 11, 2018 -

How to do a qualified concrete pump operator

Concrete pump refers to the operation of concrete pump truck site for concrete delivery and fabric operations personnel.

Top job content

(1) the concrete pump truck placed, take power and outrigger operation;

(2) the concrete pump truck boom manipulation and other operations;

(3) the concrete pump truck electrical, hydraulic and other shortcomings of the diagnosis and treatment;

(4) the concrete pump truck laying pipeline;

(5) to protect the protection of concrete pump.

Concrete pump workers should have the essence

To become a concrete pumping workers, the demand has a very special talent. In many projects, he is responsible for taking responsibility, such as:

Pump drivers (pump capacity attributed to large equipment l), safety officers, electricians, concrete professors - familiar with what kind of concrete mixture can be pumped, decision makers, professional finishing technician

An excellent concrete pumping worker should also be a field foreman. As a site operations center staff, he need to pile up the rich construction knowledge, know how to stop the pump truck in a reasonable construction orientation, but also to remove equipment problems. If the pump found slurry leakage, he should also be a qualified mechanic.

Pumping workers is a cost of both physical and mental hard work. Occasionally, it may be necessary to lift a pumping pipe that weighs 18 pounds of concrete filled per foot. Sometimes, less than four in the morning, you have to get up to prepare for the pumping operation. Pumping concrete is therefore not only an operation, but also a specialized skill.

Essential prerequisites

What kind of person can become a potential pumping work? In the future of the industry, to become a successful pumping workers, but also with what kind of temperament it?

First, he needs to be a company's outstanding employees. Usually on time attendance, with knowledge, but also with the training. The company can be an excellent staff training into the pump workers, but an excellent pump workers, may not be a good worker. An excellent pumping workers, there is a need to have pride, will say "no", can bear the responsibility, not timid.

Another important thing is to understand the mechanical equipment (pump), during which contains the mechanical system, electrical system, hydraulic system and other kinds of skills. Today's concrete pumps are both leading and messy. A standard large pump, are equipped with three control panels - specification board, short-range remote control board and radio remote control board. All of these control devices have greatly increased the function of the pump, however, on the pump work is a new challenge.

Ultimately, a pump workers also need to have automatic, for example, can automatically get up early black. In addition, service reliability is also very important. As in the construction, many other types of operating equipment, the appearance and departure, all rely on collaboration with the pump workers.

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