Detection Of Concrete Pump Hydraulic System

- Jun 01, 2018 -

Detection of Concrete Pump Hydraulic System

Recently hydraulic concrete pump comes to be one of the hot concrete pumps in the market. And its hydraulic system is considered as the heart of concrete pump, which is closely related to pumping efficiency. Though adopts imported hydraulic components to ensure the stability of the whole concrete pumping machine, it will be better if you can pay enough attention to its detection. There are several steps for the detection of hydraulic system

1. To check whether the hydraulic line is leaking oil

If there is oil leaking, you need to tighten the parts. But it tightening doesn’t work, you had better change related components instead. For trailer concrete pump, it is more important to check the bolts of high pressure pipeline in time.

2. To check the temperature of hydraulic oil

A. When hydraulic oil temperature is between 40 and 70 centigrade, you need to check the the thermometer on hydraulic oil tank. If the ambient temperature is under 30 centigrade with a well-ventilated environment and the radiator is opening, it is deviant to have a oil temperature of more than 70 centigrade. It means that the hydraulic system of ready mix concrete pump breaks down. You have to deal with oil overheating at first.

B. When refueling for the first time, do not forget to detect the oil amount of oil level indicator, which is installed in hydraulic oil tank. When the oil level decreased to a low level, you need to fill it in time.

C. To check quality of hydraulic oil

You can check its quality by observing the color. If the hydraulic oil becomes opaque and the color is changed, it is a indication to change hydraulic oil.

Besides, there are some others detection rules for your reference.

If you do it well, then the service life of your concrete pump machine will last longer.

A. To make sure that all hydraulic parts is flexible and reliable. Thus the whole machine will work well.

B. Hydraulic cylinder piston can work very well. And the operating pressure of hydraulic system shall comply with the specification.

C. The models, quality, amount and using method of hydraulic oil should be in accordance with relevant regulations.

D. The main oil pump can reach its rated value when it is working . And to chick if its running is stable.

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