Working Principle Of Concrete Batching Plant

- Sep 18, 2018 -

working principle of concrete batching plant

Concrete mixing station, including concrete mixer, concrete dosing machine, weighing system, pneumatic system, control system, cement silo, screw conveyor, and each work cycle, control system control of concrete production. Its working process is like this:

1, measurement in the weighing bucket complete, from the burden of the discharge of the discharge port;

2, after the end of the measurement, unloading to the working plane transmission belt, through the flat belt on the inclined belt;

3, through the inclined belt conveyor will be sent to the upper part of the mixer hopper, waiting for instructions, and the cement and fly ash and other additives is by the pump delivery and are transmitted to the metering hopper and measurement;

4, to complete a variety of measurements, the command issued by the control system, the material in order to throw to the mixer for mixing;

5, after the completion of mixing, open the mixer discharge door, unloading hopper through the concrete mixer truck, and then enter the next cycle of work.

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