What Are The Advantages Of Concrete Trailer Pumps

- May 22, 2018 -

what are the advantages of concrete trailer pumps 

Now we will introduced as follows:

1, Synthesize compared to purchasing concrete mixer and commodity concrete pump, the cost of purchasing trailer concrete pump is lower.

2, In the construction process, the construction efficiency of concrete trailer pumps for sale is high, can undertake on-site mixing continuous pumping, compared with traditional mixer mixing, artificial feeding, the efficiency can improve for more than 5 times.

3, Save human resource in the process of operation, significantly reduce the cost. Such as only one person to operate overall the pumping process, the degree of automation is really high. Compared with mixing with concrete mixer, artificial feeding way, can save 4-5 artificial, and the intensity of labor is reduced greatly.

4, The equipment is lighter, small cover area, convenience to move, suitable for rural and narrow zone construction.

5, The quality of commercial concrete produced by trailer concrete pump is good. Usually the commodity concrete is produced after two times stirring, general transport thought the pipelines, the density is better, higher strength, better permeability bending resistance.

Trailer concrete pump is usually applied in the small and medium-sized project, foundation which transmission the large aggregate concrete products, it is especially suitable for the rural civil construction, the villages towns and new countryside construction, various kinds of body piercing like mine, highway, rail tunnel, water resources and hydropower engineering, slope geological disaster management, basic irrigation construction engineering.

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