Pipeline Pump Parts Analysis

- Dec 01, 2017 -

1, the motor: the electrical energy into the main components of mechanical energy.

2, pump base: the main pump, play a supporting role in the fixed.

3, impeller: Centrifugal pump core part of its high speed, large output, the impeller blades play a major role in impeller assembly before static balance experiment. The inner and outer surfaces of the impeller require smoothness to reduce the frictional loss of water flow.

Impeller classification

Open impeller: suitable for conveying materials containing a large amount of suspended solids, lower efficiency, the pressure of the liquid delivered is not high.

Semi-closed impeller: Suitable for conveying easily sediment or containing solid particles, fibers and other suspended solids particles, the efficiency is lower.

Closed impeller: suitable for conveying non-impurity cleaning liquid, high efficiency.

4, pump shaft: connected to the motor, it is the main component of mechanical energy transmission.

5, mechanical seal: to keep fit and slide relative to the composition of the device to prevent fluid leakage.

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