Pipeline Pump Installation Method

- Dec 01, 2017 -

1, the radial runout shaft of the device should be ≤ 0.04 mm, the axial play does not allow more than 0.1 mm;

2, the sealing parts of the equipment should be kept clean during installation, the sealing parts should be cleaned, the sealing end surface intact, to prevent impurities and dust into the sealing parts;

3, in the installation process is strictly prohibited hit, beat, so as to avoid mechanical seal friction damage and seal failure;

4, when installed in contact with the seal surface should be coated with a layer of clean mechanical oil, so that it can be successfully installed;

5, When installing the static ring gland, tighten the screws must be force evenly to ensure the vertical requirements of the static ring end face and the axis line;

6, after the installation by hand to promote the moving ring, enabling the moving ring on the axis of flexible mobility, and have some flexibility;

7, After installation, use the handwheel to rotate the shaft, the shaft should have no heavy feeling;

8, equipment must be filled with medium before operation to prevent dry friction and seal failure;

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