Pipeline Pump Development Trend

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Domestic stainless steel pipe pump production level and technology have greatly improved the market for stainless steel pipe pump consumption level is also increasing year by year. Has reached the international standard requirements, to a certain extent, reduced the dependence on imports, but also expanded the share of exports.

Products made of stainless steel because of its long life, easy to rust, green and other superior advantages have been slowly into the industrial applications, stainless steel pipe pump is one of the best.

In recent years, stainless steel pipeline pump products through the introduction of absorption, renovation, digestion and innovation, its technical level has been greatly improved, especially some major technical equipment products have reached or approached the international advanced level of similar products.

The pump industry in the stainless steel pipeline pump as the representative of the pump driven by the product continues to move forward, and with the introduction of raw materials market, the new stainless steel materials continue to come out. Various patented technologies and norms continue to improve, all driven by the entire industrial chain to a higher direction.

  • 31 Meter Concrete Pump Truck
  • 46 Meter Boom Pump Concrete
  • 52 Meter Concrete Boom Pump
  • Customized 60 Meter Boom Pump Truck
  • 60 Meter Concrete Boom Pump
  • Concrete Line Pump

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