Managing A Pump Pour

- Aug 23, 2018 -

Managing a pump pour


Clear and safe access to the pump set-up area for the pump and the truck mixers

     A set-up area that is strong enough to support the maximum outrigger loadings of the pump

     Somewhere to deposit excess grout

     A competent concreting gang to lay the concrete

     A good supply of water will help the operator, although the pump does carry its own supply

     The pump will arrive and the operator will liaise with the contractor before setting up the pump, pipeline (if      required) and preparing the grout

     The pump operator will then grout the line and commence pumping. It is good site practice to pump excess grout to waste, not into the pour

      Cautionary note: Concrete is pumped at high pressure. All personnel should be made aware of the risks and dangers associated with end hose usage

      The next mixer will then arrive, back on to the pump and discharge its load

      The pump operator will then put the boom back into its travel position and load all the ancillary equipment onto the pump

      The pump will then leave site and travel back to the depot 


  • 35m Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
  • 20 Meter Concrete Pump Car
  • Customized 31 Meter Boom Pump Truck
  • 37 Meter Concrete Boom Pump Truck
  • 50 Meter Small Boom Pump Trailer Mounted
  • 70 Meter Small Boom Pump Trailer Mounted

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