How To Get The Most Life Out Of Hydraulic Systems

- Sep 06, 2018 -

How to Get the Most Life Out of Hydraulic Systems 

Ensuring the longevity of a trailer hydraulic system begins with the spec'ing process.

When it comes to trailer hydraulic systems, care taken during the specification process can pay dividends in terms of maintenance and component longevity. If hydraulic system components are properly specified, the system operates at a higher level of efficiency, generates less damaging heat and lasts longer.

The specification process should always begin with the work to be done. For example, a dump trailer, ejector trailer and live-floor (or live-bottom) trailer may be similar in appearance, yet each requires very different hydraulic components. Choosing a pump and reservoir designed for a dump trailer application and fitting them on a live-floor or ejector trailer can have disastrous results.

When discussing hydraulic components with your supplier, always provide the make and model numbers of the equipment being powered, as well as the manufacturer’s recommended operating flow and pressure requirements. In addition, be sure to tell the supplier if more than one type of trailer may be used with the same tractor, as this will require a specialized system designed around the differing requirements.

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