Create Guinness World Records Longest Boom Pump Truck

- Dec 01, 2017 -

66 meters of the world's longest boom pump truck arrived in Beijing, this Taiwan Guinness World Records to create the longest boom pump truck will be the afternoon of the construction site at Beijing Luzhuang Bridge site.

This pump truck entirely independent research and manufacturing by Chinese enterprises. Production company Sany Heavy Industry submitted the "world's first jib Guinness World Records Application Report" has been confirmed, 66 meters to create a Guinness Book of World Records. For the first time, China's construction machinery industry has come to the forefront of the world's pump manufacturing industry, making "Made in China" a benchmark in the world for concrete machinery.

Pump truck is a modern machinery, it can use the core part - boom, concrete will be transported to any construction point, the longer the boom, the wider the scope of delivery, even for the high-level, a wide range of modernization is even more impossible Or missing. 66 meters is not only a number or a product, but the entire high-tech concrete machinery industry reflects the birth of 66 meters pump truck, marking the pump truck manufacturing reached a new level, is bound to bring the entire pump technology Enhance.

There is a jargon in the field of construction machinery, "arm length by one meter, it is difficult on the sky," that is, the arduous growth of the pump boom. Pump truck balance and stability requirements are very high, longer boom is more than just a simple increase in length, Boom longer, the pump load increases, all the subtle increase will affect the entire pump anti-swing And stability, the so-called "lead the whole body by one move", it must be fully adjusted and optimized.

Boom technology is a key technology of concrete pump truck, which has been controlled by Germans and Americans. At present, there are only a few engineering machinery enterprises in the world capable of producing 56-meter boom pump trucks, such as German elephants, Schwein, and China's Sany. The advent of a 66-meter pump truck suddenly increased the boom length by 10 meters.

Sany Heavy Industry entered the field of pump truck manufacturing in 1999. Faced with the strong siege of foreign brands and insisted on independent innovation, in just eight years, foreign brands that occupy more than 95% of China's market have been squeezed out of China and have been cooperating with foreign brands Share the global pump market and achieve a leap from the start of a concrete pump truck to the most advanced level in the world. Trinity created the world's most concrete pump truck. "

With the development of construction machinery industry and the improvement of building efficiency, the market space for 66-meter pump trucks will become larger and larger, which is inevitable for the development of construction machinery. The 66-meter pump will undoubtedly bring the construction enterprises high efficiency and high Benefit and high quality.

It is understood that this pump truck has traveled to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Jinan and other major cities. In the Guangzhou station tour, 66 meters of the world's longest boom pump construction of 610 meters "the world's tallest tower" Guangzhou New TV Tower, the first of two worlds will be in the Pearl River. Following the Beijing Railway Station, 66 meters pump truck will enter Shenyang, Xi'an, Wuhan and other cities. After that, the pump truck will also go abroad and go to the United States, Germany, Spain and the United Arab Emirates and other countries to showcase the world's longest boom pump truck style.

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