Concrete Pump Truck Operating System And Performance

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Concrete pump truck operating system and performance:

Concrete pump electric control system control methods are mainly five kinds of mechanical, hydraulic, electromechanical electrical control, programmable logic controller, logic control. Concrete pump truck in addition to installing electrical control system to complete the control tasks, but also install a manual control system, which is also part of the control system. If the use of mechanical manipulation, generally have rod-type control mechanism and flexible shaft control mechanism in two ways. If you compare the two is not difficult to find that the flexible shaft control mechanism has more advantages, such as flexible layout, high transmission efficiency, less transition joints and empty travel is small, easy to adjust the stroke, so the concrete pump truck operating system Mainly choose the flexible shaft control mechanism. According to actual needs, the pump control system should be able to achieve stepless speed regulation, and can make the lever stop at any one position of the locking mechanism is to achieve stepless speed control of the key devices, the general can choose disc springs Or spring plate and so on. For ease of operation, joysticks are designed and installed in more convenient locations, such as Putzmeister BSF36.09Z-type pump, the control of the engine speed control handle mounted on the ladder side, the operation is very convenient. Concrete pump truck operating system is mainly used to control the main hydraulic pump flow and engine speed, thereby changing the pump truck concrete discharge. If hydraulic control is used, the hydraulic drive force can be obtained directly from the pumping system of the pump truck and controlled by means of a manual hydraulic valve. And the performance of the concrete is inseparable relationship, while paying attention to the details of the operating procedures in the course of operation, timely detection of troubleshooting, in order to improve the working efficiency of the pump. Pipe cleaning There are two ways to wash and air wash. Whether it is washed or air wash, the valve box and hopper should be cleaned. Washed, the water soaked cylindrical cement bag and cleaning balls have been installed into the cone has been cleaned, connected to the cone, pipe, close the discharge door, and then filled with water to the hopper (to be maintained Water constantly). Pump water until the cleaning ball exits the front of the duct. Air wash that is compressed air purge, the soaked water cleaning ball first plug into the gas wash joint, and then connected to the adjustable tube of the first straight pipe, and the end of the pipe connected safety cover, safety cover The orifice should face down. Control the pressure of compressed air does not exceed 0.8MPa, the valve should be slowly opened, when the concrete can flow out smoothly before opening the atmosphere valve.

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