- Apr 16, 2018 -

Loader is a kind of earthwork construction machinery widely used in highway, railway, construction, hydropower, port, mine and other construction projects, it is mainly used for shovel soil, gravel, lime, coal and other scattered materials, but also for the ore, hard soil, such as light shovel digging operations. Different auxiliary working devices can also be used for bulldozing, lifting and other materials such as wood loading and unloading operations. In the road, especially in the high-grade highway construction, the loader is used for the filling and digging of roadbed engineering, asphalt mixture and cement concrete material field of the aggregate and loading. In addition, it can push the soil, scrape the ground and traction other machinery and other operations. Because the loader has the advantages of fast operation, high efficiency, good maneuverability and light operation, it becomes one of the main machines in the construction of earthwork.