The main purpose of concrete pump

- Dec 01, 2017 -

For railway and highway tunnels, bridges and culverts, hydropower, mining, high-rise buildings and national defense projects such as concrete construction. At present, for the general selection of concrete pump according to the construction materials and the construction speed of the selection of concrete pump, it is the so-called by the amount of food put, and for high-rise building pumping construction using high-pressure pump or pump to the top to achieve. Relay pumping is the delivery of concrete through a concrete pump to another concrete pump hopper that has been placed at a certain height in advance, and then the concrete is delivered to the destination through a second transfer pump, which is economically viable and relatively reliable Say, the requirements of the pump is not too high, at the same time, after the completion of the project, these pumps can be economically used in other general construction; the disadvantage is that the construction is more complicated, the construction of the first pump and the second pump should be coordinated; The second pump to be fixed to do special treatment, taking into account the carrying capacity of the floor can meet the requirements. The pumping method is used in the early days of early concrete pumping machinery. As the concrete pumping machinery and related technologies become more mature, the solution is gradually replaced by a pump-to-ceiling solution.

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  • 20 Meter Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pump
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