The main features of concrete pump

- Dec 01, 2017 -

* The use of advanced S-tube valve commutation to meet the delivery of fine-grained concrete * S-tube valve with a floating wear ring, automatic compensation for wear and tear, good sealing * The lens plate and cutting ring with high hard wear-resistant alloy material, life Longer · High outlet pressure to meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction · Hydraulic system adopts double-circuit open system with fast commutation speed and high efficiency · Hydraulic oil cooling adopts advanced air cooling system without water source , Easy to use · With anti-pump function to minimize pipe clogging · Equipped with automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure the life of rotating parts · Electrical control of the PLC with the best, with the best control features · Electrical box with wired remote control handle, easy to operate

  • 19 Meter Small Boom Pump Trailer Mounted
  • Customized 28 Meter Boom Pump Truck
  • 37 Meter Concrete Boom Pump Truck
  • 38 Meter Concrete Boom Pump Truck
  • 42 Meter Small Trailer Concrete Pump
  • 70 Meter Boom Pump Truck

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