Stretching jib safety precautions

- Dec 01, 2017 -

1 Only after confirming that the pump truck outrigger has been properly supported, can the boom be operated. The boom must be operated in the order as specified in the operating instructions

2 Do not use jibs during thunderstorms or bad weather conditions. Boom can not be used in more than eight winds

3 When operating the boom, the entire boom should be within the operator's field of view

4 When working near high-voltage lines, be careful of the danger of electric shock and ensure that the safety distance between the boom and the wires

5 Below the boom is a hazardous area where concrete or other parts may fall and injure others

Do not stand in the range specified by the 6 end hoses. Do not guide the end hose when the pump starts pumping. It may swing wounding or cause concrete accident

The danger zone when starting the pump is the area around the tip hose. The area diameter is twice the length of the end hose. End hose length up to 3m, the danger zone diameter of 6m.

7 Do not bend the end hose, the end of the hose can not end into the concrete.

8 If the boom is not functioning properly, press the emergency stop button immediately. Professionals identify the cause and rule out before continuing to use.

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