Pumping and maintenance safety precautions

- Dec 01, 2017 -

1 pump operation, not to open the hopper screen, water tank cover and other security facilities, not hand into the hopper, water tank or other moving parts by hand

2 pumping, you must ensure that the hopper concrete in the foot shaft position above, to prevent the inhalation of gas caused by concrete injection

3 plugging pipe, be sure to first pump the pressure release pipe, and then to dismantle the concrete pump pipe.

4 Maintenance work should only be carried out when the pump truck is placed on a stable surface and is not accidentally displaced

5 Only when the boom is collapsed or supported reliably, maintenance and repair work can only be carried out when the engine is closed and the legs are fixed

6 Shut down and relieve accumulator pressure before performing maintenance

7 If you do not open the corresponding arm to open the hydraulic lock arm, there is danger of falling arm injury

  • 31 Meter Concrete Pump Truck
  • 20 Meter Concrete Pump Car
  • Customized 24 Meter Boom Pump Truck
  • 65 Meter Concrete Pump Car
  • 75 Meter Small Trailer Concrete Pump
  • Concrete Line Pump

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