Piston concrete pump

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Piston concrete pump

Hydraulic transmission and mechanical transmission. Hydraulic transmission concrete pump consists of hopper, hydraulic cylinder and piston, concrete cylinder, distribution valve, Y-shaped pipe, flushing equipment, hydraulic system and power system. The hydraulic system pushes the piston back and forth by pressure. When the piston moves backward, the concrete will be pressed into the conveying pipe through the Y-shaped pipe before pushing. After the pump concrete is over, clean the pump body and delivery pipe with high-pressure water or compressed air. Piston concrete pump displacement, depending on the number and diameter of concrete tanks, piston reciprocating speed and volume of concrete cylinder suction efficiency.

Extruded concrete pump

There are three types of rotor-type double roller, straight roller type three-wheel and belt type. Rotor double-roller concrete pump, hopper, pump, squeeze hose, vacuum system and power system and other components. The pump body is sealed, two planetary rollers are arranged on the rotor frame in the pump body, the inner wall of the pump body is lined with a rubber pad, and the inner circumference of the pad is provided with an extruded rubber hose. The power unit drives the planetary roller to revolve, crush and squeeze the rubber hose and squeeze the concrete in the hose into the pipe to discharge. Vacuum system to maintain a certain degree of vacuum within the pump body, prompting the squeeze hose immediately after rolling back to its original state, and to accelerate the concrete hopper sucked into the squeeze hose. Extruded concrete pump displacement, depending on the rotor radius of gyration and rotation speed, squeeze hose diameter and volumetric efficiency of concrete suction.

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