Hydraulic membrane concrete pump

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Hydraulic membrane concrete pump

By the hopper, pump, diaphragm, control valves, pumps and tanks and other components. Diaphragm in the pump body, when the water pump under the diaphragm will be drawn back to the water tank by the control valve, the diaphragm sags into the hopper of the concrete pressure to open the valve into the pump body; when the water pump in the water tank by the control valve to the pump body Pressure water raises the diaphragm, closes the one-way valve and presses the concrete into the duct. High productivity concrete pump can be completed once the level of concrete and vertical transport, but the concrete mix, the coarse and fine aggregate size and grading, the amount of cement, concrete slump have certain requirements, to ensure good pumping efficacy. Diesel-powered concrete pump: to meet the needs of field workplaces and other unpowered power supplies. In the process of pumping, the speed of the diesel engine is detected by the speed sensor and transmitted to the control computer. The change of the pumping pressure will cause the corresponding change of the speed of the diesel engine. The control computer controls the throttle motor to add and reduce the throttle according to the detected speed variation, Automatic adjustment of diesel engine running at the optimum speed state. The company is located in:

Plunger mortar pump

The use of plunger in the closed cylinder reciprocating motion, pressure mortar. By the plunger, cylinder, valves, power plants, regulators and safety devices and other components. The plunger is driven by the crank and rod mechanism. When the plunger is retracted, the mortar enters the cylinder through the suction valve; when the plunger is pushed out, the mortar is pressed out by the discharge valve. There are two kinds of single plunger and double plunger. In order to maintain the stability of the mortar stream, a single-plunger mortar pumps equipped with air plenum. Dual-plunger mortar pumps rely on the alternating movement of the working plunger and the compensating plunger to maintain the stability of the slurry flow. Single plunger mortar pump for the application of 10 floors below the mortar delivery and plastering, sand requirements meet the grading requirements, and should not all use crushed sand; double plunger mortar pump high pressure, suitable for 30 floors below the mortar Transport and spray plastering, its adaptability stronger than the single piston pump, sand grading and particle size only requirements, there is no requirement on the geometry, can all use crushed sand.

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