Diaphragm mortar pump

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Diaphragm mortar pump

Working principle and application range As with single plunger mortar pump, the reciprocating plunger is used to deform the rubber diaphragm through the intermediate fluid (usually water). When the diaphragm is swollen in the direction of the pump cylinder, the mortar is pressed into the conveying pipe. When the diaphragm is contracted, inhale the new mortar from the container. It is characterized by the plunger is not in direct contact with the mortar, which can extend the life of the plunger, but the structure is more complex, easy to wear rubber diaphragm.

Pneumatic mortar pump

Press the mortar with compressed air. The body is a horizontal pressure cylinder with a gland on the top. The cylinder is equipped with a horizontal stirring shaft with mixing blades, driven by a motor or diesel engine via a gearbox. This pump is usually equipped with air compressor, hydraulic hopper, dragline, walking devices. Mortar can be prepared by its own mixing device, but also the prepared mortar can be directly loaded into the cylinder, and then the lid compression, connected to the compressed air into the closed cylinder pressure, when used to open the discharge port, you can Push the mortar out. The machine is versatile and can be used for mixing and conveying fine aggregate concrete or dry material in addition to mortar pumps and mortar mixers.

Screw mortar pump

The use of a helical rotor in the elastic stator rotation, pushing mortar along the direction of spiral movement continuous delivery. Divided into two types of dry and wet. Dry-type screw pump for dry mixing occasions, equipped with a mixer on the feed end of the pump, which has a water inlet, the dry material can be mixed into slurry into the pump; wet screw pump and other types of Like the mortar pump, it can only convey the mortar mixed well. Screw pump compact structure, light weight, stable flow. But the stator is easy to wear, requiring the use of oval sand. The pressure is low, suitable for conveying occasions not high. Can also be placed on the middle floor as a relay pump to increase the feeding height.

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