Concrete pump truck support safety precautions

- Dec 01, 2017 -

1 The supporting ground must be level. Otherwise, it is necessary to make a horizontal support surface. Can not be supported on holes.

2 The pump truck must be supported on solid ground. If the maximum pressure of the outrigger is greater than the allowable pressure on the ground, the support surface or auxiliary timber must be used to increase the support surface area.

3 pump support in the pit, near the slope, should be kept adequate safety clearance

4 support, must ensure that the machine is in a horizontal state, the whole machine before and after about the maximum horizontal angle of not more than 3 degrees.

5 When unfolding or collapsing the leg, the leg is in a hazardous area within the range of rotation, and personnel may be pinched within the range

6 When supported, all outriggers must be retracted and extended to the desired position (the outrigger is aligned with the arrow on the outrigger and the front outrigger is aligned with the front outrigger arm arrow) or there is a risk of tipping over

7 must support the legs as required to operate the boom, the boom must be folded together on the main support arm to receive legs

8 factors that appear to reduce the stability must immediately close the boom, remove and then re-support requirements, reduce the stability of the factors include

Ground conditions caused by rain, snow or other sources of water

Side of the support leg sinking ground

Legs cylinder has a leak

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