Concrete Trailer Pump Maintenance

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Concrete trailer pump has played an important role in many concrete construction projects, and it is vital for most of users to maintain and lubricate your pump timely and correctly with professional guidance and suggestion. With long concrete pump production history, KCP heavy industries has abundant concrete pump manufacturing and innovation experience.


In order to help customers get the pump for their projects and prolong the service life their device, we will introduce the basic maintenance of concrete trailer pumps in details. To ensure smooth operation, operators should inspect and maintain the machine in the pumping process.We all know that the working efficiency of concrete pump not only has something to do with the quality of pump, but also it can be greatly affected by the daily maintenance of concrete trailer pump for sale. The daily maintenance of concrete trailer pump includes inspection, cleaning, lubrication, fastening, adjustment and supplement leakage, the adding of hydraulic oil and so on.